Body Sculpt:



Body Sculpt focuses on each muscle group throughout your body so that everything gets targeted equally and nothing is left behind. 12 week progression body transformation program including Nutrition, Pilates, Strength, and Intervals Training. 

‚Äč Level 1 Developing your core & buliding muscualr endurance.

 Level 2 Strengthening muscles & building Aerobic/Anaerobic Threshold. 
 Level 3 Defining & extreme sculpting.



           2- day $225.00  monthly 12 weeks. 

           3 -day $275.00  monthly 12 weeks .

high Intense 


Intervals will be preformed on a non - motorized Treadmill using your own body weight to self power your own speed which will engage more muscle groups to achieve a superior workout. The Woodway Curve Treadmill is specially designed for an intense workout. This treadmill burns up to 30% more calories than the traditional treadmill. 14 week program: to build anaerobic/aerobic threshold, increase stride length, build core and shape legs!


                                                           Packages start from: $275.00 

Design motor program focus on making the muscular and skeletal efficient to absorb, stabilize, and produce force. Thus reducing injury resulting in a greater performance 12 week progression program.

( Ages 12 up )  Contact for pricing.